Hairstylist Yveta Růžičková reveals even more about her team than about her favourite product. See more in following interview.
Hairstylist Yveta Růžičková reveals even more about her team than about her favourite product. See more in following interview.

Yveta Růžičková: „Performance hair spray is my daily helper“

Hairstylist Yveta Růžičková reveals even more about her team than about her favourite product. See more in following interview.

Although the Czech hairdresser Yveta Růžičková enjoys maternity leave with her daughter in these days, this fact doesn’t obstruct her to engage also with her team in the competition of hairdressing changes – AICHI 2016. Yveta runs a successful hairdressing salon Vanilkové Nebe which is located in Hodonin, on street Národní třída 99. Yveta has qualified into the finals of this year’s AICHI  already by the vote of the jury.

Yveta Růžičková: we’re questioning the hairdressers in AICHI 2016, contest of transformations

Why did you apply into contest AICHI 2016? What do you think the contest will bring you?

∴ Yveta Růžičková: I have applied for the competition because I enjoy hairdressing competition much. I love working with hair, from hunting models, preparing a whole thing, picking the colour. The entire salon is involved and to do so we always enjoy shared moments, we have fun and most importantly it’s jumping out of the daily routine at work. Though I am currently on maternity leave, so I’m enjoying my daughter 🙂 The competition definitely gives me a lot of adventures and new experiences.

Do you compete in AICHI for the first time or do you have any other previous participations in this competition or even any success?

Yveta Růžičková: I qualified for finals for the first time this year.

Yveta Růžičková – Vanilkové Nebe, Hodonín | Proměny AICHI 2016 - postupující do semifinálového kola
Yveta Růžičková – Vanilkové Nebe, Hodonín | Transformations AICHI 2016 – qualified for semifinal round

Do you introduce us your team which helps you in the contest AICHI?

Yveta Růžičková: My team, it is a makeup artist Monika Prokešová, she works in my salon for four years as a beautician-makeup artist-manicurist. She did retraining for hairdresser, so she devotes to hair for two years. Furthermore, it is Denise Walter – hairdresser colleague, who is in the salon for five years. We inspire each other. Denisa likes to monitor trends not only in hair business, but also in fashion, so that’s why she helps us with the outfit selection.

What would you never do to any woman when doing trasformation? Does exist any haircut, colour or styling what you personaly consider rather as revenge? 

Yveta Růžičková: I would never do perm. I don’t like it. It is something unnatural.

What kind of hairstyling for you clients do you like to do currently the most?

Yveta Růžičková: The most I like to dye hair in way it looks very naturally. No madness, rather nice polish beautiful colour with lighter ends. Simply keep the hair healthy and soft to the touch.

Yveta Růžičková – Vanilkové Nebe, Hodonín | Proměny AICHI 2016 – postupující do finálového kola
Yveta Růžičková – Vanilkové Nebe, Hodonín | Transformation AICHI 2016 – qualified for finals

Do you have any tip for cosmetics product which you consider as the best and you like to recommend it? 

Yveta Růžičková: RI like to use hair spray Performance by Wella. It fixes hair nicely, doen’t glue and burden. It is my daily helper.

Could you estimate how many clients have new  or modified haircut from you within a year?

Yveta Růžičková:TI cannot estimate it but when I am in full deployment around 12 hours a day, it is no problem 🙂 At the moment I enjoy very beautiful time with my daugher on maternity leave.

How often do you change your hairstyle? 

Yveta Růžičková: I haven’t changed my hairstyle for ten years maybe 🙂 I don’ t care about my hair much eventhough I should 🙂 I personally don’t like changes and it is likely because I provide changes for the others. 🙂

Yveta provozuje úspěšný kadeřnický salon Vanilkové Nebe který najdete v Hodoníně, na Národní třídě 99.
Yveta runs successful hairdressing salon Vanilkové Nebe which you can find in Hodonín, on street Národní třída 99.

What is the most interesting thing you have experienced in your hairdressing career? What kind of people you have met and what is the biggest achievement and how long you have worked as a hairdresser?

Yveta Růžičková: I work as hairstylist for ten years. For me, the biggest achievement is that I opened my hairdressing salon Vanilla Sky after two years my hairdressing career. I started alone and it was very difficult. But now with hindsight I know it was worth it. We have a great workteam in the salon, we like the job, we inspire each other, we understand each other very much and we are on the same wavelength. I like them very much and thank you for them. I meet different people and honestly it’s  difficult sometimes because what stories I listen those are not only nice and pleasant. Life is life and sometimes we have got really interesting destiny. I’m just a person who’s very absorbing and then it is difficult to get rid of it, but on the contrary many people are very inspiring, with positive and beautiful experiences, so that man charges itself again a year in advance. As for my achievements in competitions, so I was 4-times advanced to the hairdressing competition Trend Vision Award (Wella Professionals), and from that I won twice third place.

Can you reveal us your motto?

Yveta Růžičková: I don’t have any motto. I follow my heart and it is the most important. 

Image source: AICHI, Yveta Růžičková Facebook