Wedding hairstyles

Big gallery of wedding hairstyles for brides introduces you wedding hairstyles for blondies, brunettes with or without veil.

Wedding hairstyles are very specific. Maybe with a little bit of kitsch, mainly because of too much of opulence, pompousness and grace. But wedding is still the only occasion where you can afford it. Any other festive occasion, not even a ball can tolerate this much ostentaion. So lets enjoy it! Treat yourself with a truly luxurious wedding hairstyle at least once (or few times) in your life. Whether you like simple ones, decorated with flowers, jewelery or with a veil, you can find a suitable inspiration in our gallery of wedding hairstyles, where we add more photos regularly. Hairstyles for wedding can have many forms. Let yourselves inspire and find your own wedding hairstyle.

PHOTOGALLERY: Wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstlyes – how to choose your wedding hairstyle and don’t make a mistake!

  1. Wedding hairstyles are opulent. You have two choices if you have short haircut. Even short hair can be decorated with various complements, jewelery or veil. The second choice is use a hairpiece, clip-in hair, plaits etc. 
  2. Don’t make radical changes with your hair before wedding. You will remember it for the rest of your life and if you change for example colour of your hair, the result is not sure. Do you want to look at a failed hairstyle on your wedding pictures?
  3. Wedding hairstyle has to look naturally. If you don’t like romantic lokcs, don’t let yourself force into your wedding hairstyle. Stick with what you like even when choosing a wedding hairstyle.
  4. Hairstyle with a veil or wedding hairstyle without a veil? That is really often question. It depends on your taste, chosen dress and even on a place where your wedding will be held. All of these thing influence the decesion of suitability of wearing a veil or not. The newest hit is a long personificated veil which wore Angelina Jolie with her dress from Haute Couture sallon of Donatello Versace.
  5. Reserve enough time for your wedding hairstyle. Enjoy it. Maybe it is just once in your life. Have everything arranged with your hairdresser, Be agreed on the hairstyle and have enough time for visiting the hairdressers or invite the hairdresser to your home. It is not unusual that you can have your make-up done at the hairdressers so connect everything into one visit.
  6. Wedding hairstyles have to remain still. Your bun can’t fall apart when you walk out of the church or the hall, hair have to be still even during dancing or during kidnap of the bride. 
  7. How to do your hair when you don’t have much money for a hairdresser? Ask a friend or try it yourself. But don’t leave it for the last moment. Try everything in advance and better try more versions. 
  8. Don’t forget that you wedding hairstyle have to match your dress. Every cut, colour and style of a wedding dress requires matching wedding hairstyle.
  9. Wedding hairstyle are almost an event.! Don’t forget, that they have o look impressive on a wedding photos. If is your hairstyle beautiful mainly from the back side or from any other side practice your poses to have perfect wedding photos. Agree on detailed photos of your hairstyle with your photographer as well.


Source of images: hairstyles of world-known hairdressers and companies