Wavy and curly hair

Wavy and curly hair are beautiful but we often seek for a change and that doesn’t have to be easy. Our gallery can inspire you!

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have natural wavy or curly hair, sometimes we do everything for having such hair with rollers, curling iron or perm. Those who already have wavy or curly hair may fight with a stereotype. If you have long wavy hair, you could use different plaits or pony tails and different hairstyles. It is similar with long curly hair which “fall apart” into noticeable curls. But sometimes we want something different. New haircut for wavy hair, new haircut for curly hair  and this can be really hard. Is there any other haircut for hair like this? Of course there is. Gallery for wavy hair and gallery for curly hair can inspire everyone of those, who have hair like this, but also those, who would like to have curles or waves and decided to have them. Hairstyles in gallery aren’t just for long hair, they are also for short wavy and curly hair and for middle-lenght hair.

PHOTOGALLERY: Wavy and curly hair

 Wavy and curly hair – 10 tips for natural and permed hair

  1. Wavy and curly hair deserve to be free. Waves and curls are what makes it beautiful. Avoid inappropriate haircuts. 
  2. Be careful with hairstyles which can age you or which can look like retro. That can happen easily with wavy and curly hair.
  3. Wavy  and curly hair  deserve special treatment for this type of hair.
  4. Have you tried without a comb? Waves and curls don’t need that! Forget 50 pulls every evening. Rather spare them.
  5. Waves and curls love conditioners though. Washing your hair without them won’t ever be perfect. Conditioner can brush your hair without a comb and all you have to use are your fingers.
  6. Wavy hair often suffer from dryness. Mainly when they are long. Your hair need special treatment and cosmetics for dry hair.
  7. If you don’t have wavy or curly hair you should consider first that fact, that you might not look good.
  8. Constat rolling and ironing to achieve a wave or a curl is for your hair very exhausting and not healthy. Better consider a perm. It is not a relic even though people talk bad about it. You have no idea how many women around you have it!
  9. Curly hair are a chapter by themselves. Be careful, you don’t want your curly hair hairstyle to look like a cauliflower.
  10. Even though you have waves, they need a special treatment to be preserved. Use hairdryers with difuzers, apply a strong stylling mousse on wet hair and squeeze your hair with your hand instead of brushing when drying.

Source of images: hairstyles of world-known hairdressers and companies