While the men’s hairstyles with shaven parts alternating with longer hair dominated last year, hit of the year 2016 is shaven parting.

This year’s men’s hairstyles are clear. As for parting, it must be definitely seen. And not only that. It’s not enough to be just combed and perfectly straight. In order to see it better, it is also shaved. Shaven parting became a hit of hairstyles for men. Even we can call the men’s hairstyles 2016 as a kind of multiplicated shaven partings. These can be created a few in men’s hair that they could form a handsome and expressive graphic element.

Účesy z kolekce Evan Erickson s vyholenou pěšinkou, nominovaných v soutěži severoamerických kadeřníků NAHA 2016.

Hairstyles from collection by Evan Erickson with shaven parting, nominated in competititon of North American hairdressers NAHA 2016.

Shaved parting for boys and men regardless of age

Perfectly visible parting suits boys and adult men. Shaved parting in men’s hairstyles usually separates a very short  and long hair. But sometimes it is just decoration, a kind of tattoo from hair, in short-cut rather shaven parts of hair. Men’s hairstyles 2016 with a shaved parting are compatible with a significant styling. It may be a smooth slicked wet effect, but also the so-called mohawk or pompadour style. While mohawk style mimics the Indian hairstyle, pompadour is created from hair combed out from the forehead into a neat and proudly towering arch over her head.

Vyholená pěšinka v účesech Evan Erickson a Thom Robbins, nominovaných v soutěži severoamerických kadeřníků NAHA 2016.

Shaven parting in hairstyles by Evan Erickson and Thom Robbins, nominated in competition of North American hairdressers NAHA 2016.

How to do the shaved parting?

If you shave the parting tn op of the head, you should make it even without assistance. But you probably cannot make it in case of non-traditional located shaved strips. The parting could be shaven with several tools. The most classic tool for home shaved parting is hair and beard trimmers. If you have a home quality hairdressing scissors, it’s also easy with them. The last option you could see at the salon. Don’t be scared if barber takes a razor. This is the best way how to create perfect parting.

Vyholená pěšinka v účesech Tania Crawford a Whitney Vermeer, nominovaných v soutěži severoamerických kadeřníků NAHA 2016.

Shaved parting in hairstyles by Tania Crawford and Whitney Vermeer, nominated in competition of North American hairdressers NAHA 2016.

Shaven parting must be distinctive but certainly not as wide as a motorway. Is sufficient when it has the width of a maximum of 3-4 mm. Remember that the parting would lose its distinctiveness within one week after its creation. Therefore requires constant maintenance. 

Vyholená pěšinka v účesech Maki Mak a Matty Conrad nominovaných v soutěži Canadian Hairdressing Awards – Contessa 2016.

Shaven parting in hairstyles by Maki Mak and Matty Conrad nominated in competition of Canadian Hairdressing Awards – Contessa 2016.

Shaved parting 2016 does fit to a sober hairstyles together with a suit and also to sport-tuned or hipster-tuned hairstyles. It obviously excels better with dark hair, where the transition between white skin and dark hair is contrasting remarkably. However, blond men are also interesed in it. And although in this case it is not so significant element of haircut still the shaven parting in blond hair looks very well and with luck it will be commented with your surroundings positively.

Účes s vyholenou pěšinkou od Thom Robbins nominovaný v soutěži severoamerických kadeřníků NAHA 2016 a účes Carlos Ramos z Nederland Coiffure Awards Schwarzkopf 2016.

Hairstyle with shaved parting by Thom Robbins nominated in competition of North American hairdressers NAHA 2016 and hairstyle by Carlos Ramos from Nederland Coiffure Awards Schwarzkopf 2016.

Image source: hairstyles of hairdressers and companies

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