What are the trends for this year’s kids hairstyles 2016? The top Czech hairdresser advises us, she is not only professional but also a mom who has the first hand experience.

Czech-wellknown hair stylist Petra Měchurová is not only a top hairdresser, but also the mother of two children. Now her children are her inspiration to create a kids collection of hairstyles for 2016 called ORIGIN KIDS. Looking for your kids ideas on interesting children’s hairstyles in 2016? Here are!

Dětské účesy 2016 podle Petry Měchurové – dětská kolekce ORIGIN KIDS.

Kids hairstyles 2016 by Petra Měchurová – kids collection ORIGIN KIDS.

Children’s nature is ever truly dazzling. As well as softness on kids hair and their colours changing with every sun’s ray. And just as kids love their hair enough and tend to suck it, we love our children and want to preserve their beauty, naturalness and help them develop their taste and style. Regular visits to the hairdresser and trimming of hair are a must, which has been paying off. As children grow older, they learn how to properly handle the hair, we learn what is good for them and also what they should avoid a lifetime.

“Every woman who has children, trying to educate the next generation the best. And just as we teach our kids to go to the doctor regularly , we should teach them to go to the hairdresser regularly.” (Petra Měchurová)

 How to care for kids hair?

Does the kids hair require a special care? And how to take care of it? “Like of our own,”  answers the question Petra Měchurová. “Give it a big portion of care. Although it does not seem kids hair is often broken and breakage. Just if there is an incorrect rubber band, pins, wearing winter hats and fine kids hair is suddenly ruined. Try to apply a lot of strengthening recovery, either rinse mask or leave-in spray. “

And what hairstyle is best for the kid? Petra says: “For a kid it is the most important that the hairstyle is created practically. It makes no sense to create  an extravagant hairstyles for kids, contrarily there should be a simplicity and natural beauty. It is advisable to respect the natural hair growth and create a hairstyle that will fit and not to be to combed several times. Braided hair which keeps the form throughout the day it is a perfect choice for daily hairstyle. Hair does not have a chance to break eg. when playing or dressing. When binding the hair pay attention to the correct selection of rubber bands, pick one that will not slip nor rip the hair. “

Účesy pro kluky a účesy pro holky často splynou do tzv. unisex stylu.

Hairstyles for boys and hairstyles for girls are often melted as unisex style.

Kids hairstyles 2016 – with fringe or without?

“Cutting a kids fringe seems like a great idea. But be beware that your child may have a problem with fringe. You see it simply by the fact that the kid tries to put it from his face off. There are children who can not tolerate the hair on the face. And when your child manage the fringe then consider the regular cutting” warns Petra Měchurová

3 questions for Petra Měchurová not only on topic “kids hairstyles 2016”

∴ What does you inspire to create kids trends – collection ORIGIN KIDS?

Petra Měchurová: Naturalness which I see by kids both overal and by their hair.

∴ How do you cut hair for your kids? How do they like the cutting?

Petra Měchurová: Yes, they do but of course there are same as the other kids, so they don’t stay to sit long so we cut gradually. 

∴ How do you také care of your kids hair? 

Petra Měchurová: I take care of it as of my own. For girls it is necessary to take care of hair breakage which come from careless wearing rubber bands, as well as the dried ends of the hair. Rubber bands, pins, caps and other popular hair adorments burden the kids fine hair and therefore the hair suffers quite often. I help it with regenerative preparations, either by rinsing mask or mask spray leave-on products. I do not give shampoo to the roots but I foam it over the entire length of hair.

Účesy pro kluky a účesy pro holky často splynou do tzv. unisex stylu.

Boys hairstyles and girls hairstyles are merged often to unisex style.

About hairstyles collection: Petra Měchurová – ORIGIN KIDS
  • Hair and concept: Petra Měchurová
  • Salon: Salon Petra Měchurová
  • Photo: Anna Mrázek Kovačič
  • Make-up: Margita Skřenková
  • Styling: Jana Kapounová 

Image source: Petra Měchurová