Gallery of hairstyles
Gallery of hairstyles

Gallery of hairstyles

Are you looking for the best galleries of hairstyles? Go through galleries of hairstyles for women, men and children in the biggest magazine about hair and hairstyles. You can find mainly articles full of photos with trendy hairstyles in the section Gallery of hairstyles. If you are looking for inspiration for wedding hairstyles or for ball hairstyles you will find them right here. When you are not sure about what hairstyle suits the shape of your face you can look into the section Gallery of hairstyles and you will find there hairstyles for round face, for oval face even for other types of faces.  We also sort Photogallery of hairstyles by age. Teenagers are definitely searching different hairstyles than beautiful women in their forties and fifties. You will find many smaller galleries of hairstyles in our other sections, but if you want to inspire yourselves and choose your new hairstyle, haircut or color of hair before the visit of a hairdresser you are at the right place in our gallery of hairstyles, because in our galleries you will find what you are looking for.  Gallery of hairstyles is full of news from the international and Czech hairdressers. Look up Current hairstyles 2015 here.

Take a look at the biggest gallery of haircuts for short hair and pick the one which will suit you. Find your new ideal short hairstyle!

Hairstyles for short hair

Gallery of hairstyles for short hair presents you up-to-date trends in hairstyles for short hair 2015. Short hairstyles in gallery will approach blondies and brunettes. Hairstyles in natural colors or favorite red hair even stylish multicolor hairstyles and highlights are not forgotten. Pick your new fashionable short hairstyle!

Gallery of hairstyles for short hair >>


You can find amazing medium length hairstyles in the best gallery of hairstyles on the internet. Choose medium length haircuts ideal just for you.

Hairstyles for medium-length hair

Do you love practical medium-length hair and are you looking for an inspiration? Gallery of hairstyles for medium-length hair presents you medium-length hairstyles from recent collections of international and Czech hairdressing salons. You will find another medium-length hairstyles in our section Hairstyles. Inspire yourselves with the new hairstyles for medium-length hair!

Gallery of hairstyles for medium-length hair >>

Our large gallery of hairstyles for long hair will help you find the perfect haircut and style for you!

Hairstyles for long hair

Are you looking for inspiring hairstyles for long hair? Gallery of hairstyles for long hair presents you news in the world of haircuts for long hair, but also in styling or other different adjustment by using every possible accessories.  Find your favorite! Blondies, brunettes or otherwise dyed beauties will find here ideal long hairstyle.

Gallery of hairstyles for long hair >>

Take a look at a photogallery of hairstyles for elderly women. Practical hairstyles for maintaining and hairstyles that can make you look younger – let yourself inspire!

Hairstyles for elderly women

We can not stop the time and one day we would not do anything else than look for inspiration for new hairstyle in gallery of hairstyles for elderly women. We constantly publish new ideas for hairstyles for mature age in our magazine Hair and hairstyles. In addition we also prepared separeted gallery of hairstyles for elderly women. 

Gallery of haistyles for elderly women >>

Big gallery of wedding hairstyles for brides introduces you wedding hairstyles for blondies, brunettes with or without veil.

Wedding hairstyles

Gallery of wedding hairstyles can inspire you not even during the choosing of wedding hairstyle, but also if you are looking for gala hairstyle for evening in the society. Brides find here wedding hairstyles for long, short or medium-length hair, wedding hairstyles with veil, headdress and even simple wedding hairstyles.

Gallery of wedding hairstyles >>

Are you looking for formal hairstyles? In our big gallery there are formal hairstyles not just for party or for balls.

Formal hairstyles

Are you going to prom, wedding, theatre or are you going to just spent an evening in society? Gallery of hairstyles with formal hairstyles help you find appropriate hairstyle for every of these occasions. Women’s formal hairstyles are from up-to-date international hairdressing collections – choose yours!

Gallery of social hairstyles>>

The ball season means to start thinking about formal hairstyle. Look at the big gallery of ball hairstyles. News are updated continually!

Hairstyles for ball

Balls  are an especial social events. We choose Ball hairstyles according to the type of the ball. However, they can always be considered as festive hairstyles which need more time to be prepared then a casual hairstyle. Do you need an inspiration? Gallery of hairstyles for ball contains ball hairstyles for short, long or medium-length hair. Even buns are included!

Gallery of hairstyles for ball >>

Formal and informal – that is how can bun look like. Take look at combed out hairstyles and buns in our huge photogallery of hairstyles. We are adding more one by one.

A Bun

A bun  is an ideal hairstyle for women with long hair and is also a hairstyle evergreen. But do you know every types of buns? Look at buns from A to Z. Easy or difficult, for blondies or brunettes, buns with decorations, wedding buns, social buns and even buns to wear to work – gallery of hairstyles presents you tens of them! 

Gallery of hairstyles with buns >>

Are you looking for hairstyles with plaits or plaited buns? Our big gallery of hairstyles presents you plaits in casual and formal hairstyles.


Plaits are hits so we cannot miss gallery of hairstyles with plaits and little braids. Let yourselves inspire with different plaited hairstyles including dirndl. Plaits are suitable for casual day or for festive occasions. They are no more only a part of folklore, plaited hairstyles are now hypermodern hairstyles.

Gallery with hairstyles with plaits and little braids >>

Red hair – the most favourite colour of hair right after blond. Which shade and which haircut choose? Let yourselves inspire in our gallery.

Red hair

Do you love red shades of hair? Gallery of hairstyles for red hair presents you hairstyles in countless crimson, mahogany and copper shades, in trendy hues of marsala and sangria, red hairstyles for short, medium-length and long hair. Find your new hairstyles for red hair!

Gallery of hairstyles for red hair >>

Brown hair is not boring. It has a lot of shades and you can do magic with their haircuts. Brunettes prick up - we have a big photo gallery for you!

Brown hair

Not even natural brown hair do not have to be boring or without sex appeal. All you have to do is to choose a good hairstyle for brown hair. Our gallery of hairstyles presents you new ideas for brown hair and their hairstyles. Long, medium-length and short haircuts change different options for bangs, highlights and various hues of brown.

Gallery for brown hair >>

Are you blond or do you just want to be blond and are you looking for suitable blond hair for yourself? Look at an inspirative gallery with blond hairstyles.

Blonde hair

Blonde hair can be in many shades – from platinum, over honey to the strawberry blonde – but they can also be in many lengths, cuts and adjustments. Gallery of hairstyles for blondies satisfy everyone of us – it does not matter if you are looking for straight blonde hairstyles or hairstyles for wavy or curly blond hair. Hairstyles are for different length of hair.

Gallery of hairstyles for blonde hair >>

Check out the big photo gallery of highlights. Highlight is experiencing revival and it is more than just making a few strands of hair more bright. Highlight today is literally hairdressing art!


Highlights change and it is hard to understand what is stylish because trends demand to be followed. But we follow them for you. You will find ideas for trendy highlights not only in our articles, but also in this photogallery. Take a look at natural highlights for blonde or  dark hair, but also at colorful or multicolor highlights.

Gallery of hairstyles with highlights >>

Wavy and curly hair are beautiful but we often seek for a change and that doesn't have to be easy. Our gallery can inspire you!

Wavy and curly hair

Beautiful wavy and curly hair need their own ideas for hairstyles. Maybe you are looking for inspiration? Which curly hairstyle you would like to make from you straight hair? Gallery of hairstyles will give you an inspiration for wavy and curly hair. Hairstyles are again dedicated to every length of hair and they also differ by their colour design.

Gallery of hairstyles for wavy and curly hair >>

Introducing women's hairstyles with bangs in our big gallery of hairstyles. Fringe always gives the right expression to your face, that means we can not underestimate it.

Hairstyles with bangs

Are you asking yourself: “What kind of bangs will suit me?” And do you know, which one is trendy now? Look into the gallery of hairstyles with bangs. Again, there are hairstyles with bangs not only for short or medium-length hair, but also for long hair hairstyles with bangs. Pick bangs according to trends and to the shape of your face. 

Gallery of hairstyles with bangs >>

Pixie hairstyles belong to the most favorite simple hairstyles. They are easy to maintenance and they are very variable thanks to the styling. Find the right one for you!

Pixie hairstyles

Favourite pixie hairstyles, which made famous Twiggi in ’60s are still in. Since then pixie hairstyle has gotten plenty of new looks and you can find many of them as an inspiration right here in pages of Gallery of hairstyles with pixies hairstyles. Do you want a short cut or do you have short hair all the time? Try one of these pixie haircuts

Gallery of pixie hairstyles >>

Avant-garde hairstyles aren't just for fun. They can be inspirative when you are looking for noticeable hairstyles like ball hairstyles or wedding hairstyles.

Avant-garde hairstyles

Do you like to make fun of Avant-garde hairstyles? Or do you like to inspire your hairstyle by them? Gallery of hairstyles with avant-garde and eccentric hairstyles presents you these pieces of art by international or Czech hairdressers. Do not miss them. They are not Halloween hairstyles, but it is an art of most prestigious hairdressers of the world – Avant-garde.

Gallery of avant-garde hairstyles >>

Bob haircut is among the most popular haircuts. There are many different forms: we can see short bobs and long lobs, they can be either smooth or wavy. Let's have a look!

Bob hairstyle

Gorgeous rounded lines of Bob hairstyle fascinate us. Altought just only some of us have enough courage for this short haircut. Look how Bob can be chic. Gallery of hairstyles with Bob hairstyles may lure you. Bob hairstyle lets you do magic with shape of the hairstyle, bangs and mainly with the colour, which is getting huge space here. 

Gallery of Bob hairstyles >>

One of the biggest galleries of hairstyles for man offers haircuts for everyday wearing and stylings for men for special occasions. Let yourselves inspire!

Men’s hairstyles

Are you looking for an inspiring hairstyles for men? Look at a big gallery of men’s hairstyles. You can find many others elegant, modern and teen men’s hairstyles in the section For Men. However, this gallery of hairstyles for men provides a quick overview of what men wear on their heads right now.

Gallery of men’s hairstyles >>


Source of pictures: hairstyles of the world’s most famous hairdressers and companies