How do the celebrities do their hair for parties or social events? Take a look at some tips for formal hair 2016 inspired by celebrities from the red carpet. 

We need an appropiate formal hair usually several times a year and it doesn’t apply only to a ball hairstyle. Ball season, party, theatre, business event – these are where you can use inspiring formal hairstyles 2016 that were shown by the most famous movie celebrities at the red carpet. We drew inspiration from The Academy Awards. Formal hairstyles aren’t the only inspiration found in the gallery of formal hairstyles. Have a look at makeup, too. Surprisingly, it is rather discreet, so called nude makeup. And whose formal hairstyle was the best at the red carpet?

Formal hairstyles 2016 inspired by the red carpet celebrities.

Formal hairstyles 2016 inspired by the red carpet celebrities.

The best celebrity inspirations for formal hairstyles 2016

Formal hairstyle and makeup of Gwyneth Paltrow

Neither tied nor loose – this is a magic formula for long hair. Although formal hairstyles 2016 will follow this trend less than those of the last year , this hairstyle will be still the number one among ball hairstyles 2016 and other formal hairstyles. Gwyneth Paltrow opted for a romantic look. Her natural makeup was perfectly complemented with a pastel pink dress. It is important that Gwyneth didn’t get lured by the deep ruby color of her large earrings and she opted for a subtle lipstick shade.

Formal hairstyles 2016: Gwyneth Paltrow´s hairstyles.

Formal hairstyles 2016: Gwyneth Paltrow’s hairstyles.

Formal hairstyles 2016 and Keira Knightley love headbands

Headband as a jewel, what I’d like to emphasise, is a great hair accessory that can transform a simple hairstyle into a formal hairstyle in just a second. Ball hairstyles 2016 will still be faithful to headbands. They’re not designated only for long hair. On the contrary. If you don’t know how to handle semi-long or short hairstyle before the ball, headbands are the best solution to this problem. Headband for formal hairstyles must be luxurious. Avoid plastic and cheap fabric. It should be like a jewel – made of metal and stones. From bijouteries of course, after all, nobody wants you to wear half a kilo of gold on your head, or diamonds, sapphires, nor rubies. Textile headbands are allowed to be made of luxurious fabric that must match with the material and color of your formal dress. As for fabric, you can also choose giant flower patterned 3D headbands. They’re trendy, especially more for the bravest of us. Keira Knightley showed a really inspiring wavy formal hairstyle with a headband and perfect naked makeup.

Formal hairstyles 2016: Keira Knightley´s hairstyles.

Formal hairstyles 2016: Keira Knightley’s hairstyles.

Don’t be afraid to use some other hair accessories for formal hairstyles 2016

Try to score like Lady Gaga. She tied her hair into a neat low ponytail and wrapped her hair around it. This wasn’t yet so exciting. But then she put a wonderful red decoration matching her red lipstick and stole above the ponytail. This is how perfection of formal hairstyles looks! And to be perfect, that’s what we aim for at a social event more then usually.    

Formal hairstyles 2016: Lady Gaga´s hairstyles.

Formal hairstyles 2016: Lady Gaga’s hairstyles.

I definitely recommend you to have a look at Anna Kendrick’s formal hairstyle. Her messy bun is nicely complemented with diamond earrings and necklace forming part of her formal dress. Julianne Moore and Karolina Kurkova modeled low little buns also called knots. And Scarlett Johansson showed how to wear an extra low buzz cut for the ball or social event. She made do with large earrings thats she complemented with a jewel clipped into the upper part of her earlobe and dress with a decorated stand-up collar. This time you certainly don’t set Jennifer Aniston as an example for formal hairstyle 2016, nor Nicole Kidman, Patricia Arquette, Rosamunde Pike, Sienna Miller or Solange Knowles.

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