Fashion and Trends 2016 are bringing a few new tips. Check out how they look like how is going to be combined fashion and hairstyles in 2016.
Fashion and Trends 2016 are bringing a few new tips. Check out how they look like how is going to be combined fashion and hairstyles in 2016.

Fashion trends 2016

Fashion and Trends 2016 are bringing a few new tips. Check out how they look like how is going to be combined fashion and hairstyles in 2016.

New Fashion 2016 is coming. Most of the fashion collections for 2016 are unveiled so we can start to enjoy what fashion trends 2016 offer us and also we can look at how will this fashion and hairstyles complement each other in 2016. I’ve chosen the most characteristic outfits from fashion shows for you and I put together the most important fashion trends in 2016 you would not overlook. I chose two distinctive models for every trend and more samples you can find at the end of an article in a gallery called Fashion 2016. For each trend you can also find out the theme what hairstyles match to a given trend the most.

Módní trendy 2016 – dámská móda 2016 a jak ji kombinovat s účesy.
Fashion trends 2016 – Ladies’ Fashion 2016 and what combinations could be with hairstyles.

Fashion and fashion trends 2016

1. Naked shoulders

2. Extravagant white shirts and white blouses

3. Underwear and nighties for a ordinary day

4. Fashion as the Art School

5. Pleated blinds and pleated fashion

6. Petticoat and ruffles up

7. Shine and sparkle

8. Stripes and striped fashion

9. Fashion by Victorian rules

10. Wrap fashion

Naked shoulders – seductive fashion trends will not absent in 2016

It’s not about fashion of uncovered shoulders in the style of so-called “Carmen” dresses and necklines. Naked shoulders 2016  have form rather exposed body parts based on layering or various cuts in the shoulder area. Protruding shoulders are changing the anatomy of necklines and sleeves. There are leisure outfits with naked shoulders and definitely they will not be missing out on a formal dress. Prom dresses 2016 should follow the play with uncovering. Even the ladies suit or even ladies tuxedo gives big space for naked shoulders.

Naked shoulders fashion and hairstyles

Naked shoulders deserve to stand out. Therefore, when choosing loose hair, prefer rather a smooth texture and always neatly combed out of the shoulders. Proudly protruding shoulders provide femininity also for extra short hairstyles, they will contrast beautifully even with buzz cuts, or with shaven hair or hairstyles with a partially shaven spots. Naked shoulders support both the outfits with a pseudo-social character and hairstyles may have thus wannabe social character. Try to be inspired by our gallery, where you can find formal hairstyles.

Módní trendy 2016 – odhalená ramena. (Zleva: Giambattista Valli, Mugler.)
Fashion trends 2016 – naked shoulders. (From left: Giambattista Valli, Mugler.)

Extravagant white shirts and white blouses give a new breath to classic of our wardrobe

White shirt and white blouse, both are fixed stars of our wardrobe and the “Lady” Fashion doesn’t leave them alone from season to season. Women’ s white shirts and women’s white blouses are recommended as the basis for an outfit combination. But in 2016, the white shirt will be appearing in version 2.0. Fashion trends in 2016 have breathed to it a hallmark of extravagance. We’ll bind the white shirt around our waist, the new cuts and new opportunities within outfits will appear, the shoulders will be revealed, or will be worn as long dress.

Fashion of extravagant white shirts and hairstyles

A shirt gives a men’s flair to a ladies’ s wardrobe. That’ s the reason why it looks very good combined with very short pixie haircut, but also as a contrast to the romantic female long manes. Interesting tips are hairstyles inflected with trendy wet effect or hairstyles that decorate headbands.

Módní trendy 2016 – extravagantní bílé košile a bílé halenky. (Zleva: Amanda Wakeley a Issa.)
Fashion trends 2016 – extravagant white shirts and white blouses. (From left: Amanda Wakeley a Issa.)

Underwear, nighties and pyjamas for ordinary day – all under order of Fashion trends 2016

Do you like chemises in the underwear as well as night clothes? Do you love satin pyjamas? So you do not have to be sad because nobody could see you worn it except you or your partner. Actually they are worn even on a normal day. And because these new pieces in our wardrobe are indistinguishable from those from the collections of underwear and nightwear, you can wear your night chemise for a party or work dispassionaly. Or go out to hunt fashion pieces to boutiques that correspond to the new trend.

Fashion of outfits in style of underwear and hairstyles

The romantic look of this trend matches to loose hair and natural waves. But also a nice contrast will be provided with wet effect. The best match could be with lovely bun or smooth and volumeless tied hair. Short-haircut-ladies can make special their look with a headband.

Módní trendy 2016 – spodní prádlo a košilky i pro běžný den. (Zleva: Givenchy a Topshop Unique.)
Fashion trends 2016 – underwear and nighties for an ordinary day. (From left: Givenchy a Topshop Unique.)

Fashion as the Art School  – fashion trends 2016 compete to Art

Mixing of unconventional materials such as leather and lace, sculptural materials, 3D accents, different games with the textures and artfully made fabric motifs – all elevate the fashion to art. Women’s Clothing 2016 will be resembling more and more the Art, moreover, such that you can enjoy not only with one sense – with eyesight, but also with touch.

Outfits as the Art School and hairstyles

Modesty doesn’ t wear in this case and even your hair must have either artistic ambitions, or at least an adventurous soul. Fashion trends complete with braided hairstyles – especially with braided pigtails directly to the head. Fitting are also various knitted Mohawks, hairstyles decorated with special textile techniques and hair with wet effect. This will be appreacited especially by women with short hair.

Módní trendy 2016 – móda jako z umělecké školy. (Zleva: Emilio Pucci a Valentino.)
Fashion trends 2016 – Fashion as the Art School. (From left: Emilio Pucci a Valentino.)

Plissé is coming back to Fashion

Pleated skirts but also the entire dress, pleated elements on blouses and trousers – nothing will be missed in fashion 2016. Fashion trends 2016 literally fell in love with pleating. There are in the collections of Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Valentino and many others. We can see pleating in oversized outfits, but also as part of the wonderful body-forming women’s cuts.

Pleated Fashion and Hairstyles

Plissé resembles long loose hair, so it is very appropriate for this trend. But don’t mistake with extra trendy little-braids hairstyles. A good choice is also a beautiful smooth bob or a bob-horseshoe.

Módní trendy 2016 – plisé se vrací do módy. (Zleva: Carolina Herrera a Valentino.)
Fashion Trends 2016 – Plissé is coming back to Fashion. (From left: Carolina Herrera a Valentino.)

Petticoats up and return ruffles

Fluffy petticoats  are no longer trendy. But they are worn on top as the main part of the outfit. And to this is added all sorts of ruffles which are trendy again. They make you trendy in a romantic style and sumptuous fashion elements bring into normal everyday clothing. There will be usual to see full-ruffles pieces, but also an outfit combining, for example, a navy striped shirt and long skirt with ruffles.

Petticoats, ruffles and hairstyles

Fashion 2016 bet on the ruffles comeback. It is suitable to this to curl up hair. For example the wavy lob will look superbly. But to the ruffles and rustic petticoats design fit also knitted braids hairstyles. Especially knitted chignons or maybe dirndl.

Módní trendy 2016 – spodničky nahoru a volány. (Zleva: Roberto Cavalli a Alexander McQueen.)
Fashion trends 2016 – Petticoats up and ruffles. (From left: Roberto Cavalli a Alexander McQueen.)

Shine and sparkle – Fashion 2016 cheers them

It is not certainly for the first time that shiny and sparkly elements coming into everyday fashion. But it is perhaps for the first time when you don’t need to wear high heels, but you can put on sneakers or even  slippers that remind homely men’s slippers with its typical cut.

Shiny outfit and hairstyles

Remember that if your clothes are shiny, it must glisten even your hair. Dull hair would look sickly and cheaply. Shiny hair is primarily a healthy hair. With the gloss will help you various restorative peels and hair oils. For example, try  olive oil on your hair. And don’t hesitate to help the gloss with different glitters, even applied on parting (glitter roots) as fashion bloggers are doing around the world now.

Módní trendy 2016 – lesk a třpyt. (Zleva: Gucci a Carolina Herrera.)
Módní trendy 2016 – lesk a třpyt. (Zleva: Gucci a Carolina Herrera.)

Cover yourself with stripes – stripes conquer the Fashion trends 2016

If you are one of the stripes fashion fans and no striped T-shirt leaves on store shelves because of you, believe us that fashion 2016 gives even bigger chance for stripes. We don´t talk just about traditional marine look. Stripes are going to be on all pieces of ladies wardrobes in all sorts of colours and widths. And also their orientation will be varied – horizontal stripes are no longer considered as the destroyer of our figures, vertical stripes let us stand on our feet at every moment and the diagonal stripes will breathe a heavy dose of dynamism into our blood.

Striped outfits and hairstyles

Variability of the striped outfits bring the diverse opportunities also for hairstyles. Beach waves will compete with straight long hair. Copy á la ponytail complements the smooth comb. Bob and shag are applicable for combination with half-long hairstyles. But the stripes have literally heart diva, so you can also add all kinds of hats, caps, scarves or headbands. Even in trendy style á la cleaning lady…

Módní trendy 2016 – zahalte se do pruhů. (Zleva: Christian Dior a Max Mara.)
Fashion trends 2016 – cover yourself with stripes. (From left: Christian Dior a Max Mara.)

Fashion by Victorian rules as a new trend in 2016

Elements of historical fashion from the Victorian era hit the fashion trends of 2016. Long dresses, ruched skirts, lace trimmings and various rustic patterns and especially historicist silhouette – this way you can wear nowadays. However, elements of Victorian Fashion have been able to integrate into modern silhouettes as well and so here we have a new romance in 2016 from the old-time feel.

Fashion inspired by Victorian era and hairstyles

Topknots and buns – these are the main types of hairstyles for fashion inspired by Victorian era. But be careful! You do not want to look like a bad echo of ancient times! Into a hairstyles bring a modern styling elements which clearly show that you are not a lass in theatre costume!

Módní trendy 2016 – inspirace viktoriánskou módou. (Zleva: Gucci a 3.1 Phillip Lim.)
Fashion trends 2016 – Inspiration of Victorian Fashion. (From left: Gucci a 3.1 Phillip Lim.)

Wrap Fashion – trends say to wrap it as a package!

Wrap skirts, wrap blouses and wrap dresses – all nicely tied and decorated with ribbons, braids and belts. Fashion and Fashion trends 2016  will wrap you as a package. Refined wrapping is changing silhouette, pass asymmetry and refined revealing. Wear a new style proudly as a well invented gift.

Wrap Fashion and hairstyles

There is obvious trend which suits low-slung braids tied with own strands of hair, but also smooth comb. The wet hair effect looks interesting and also hairstyles with braids braided to the head.

Módní trendy 2016 – zavinovací móda. (Zleva: Michael Kors a Anthony Vacarello.)
Fashion trends 2016 – wrap fashion. (From left: Michael Kors a Anthony Vacarello.)

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