Spanish hairstylist nicknamed Edward Scissorhands performs magic with fire, sword and finger scissors. He demostrates completely new and revolutionary method of cutting hair on the video.

A A man named Alberto Olmedo became probably the most famous Spanish and the world’s hairdresser. He does not style the hair with the help of scissors as usual, or even using a head’s shaver or razors. He shorters hair with fire and sword. And additionally he performs his Art to the most demanding clientele – women. Besides the flame and the sword he uses also a special finger scissors for styling hair. All over the world where his hairdressing art is spread as virus he earned the name Edward Scissorhands – by the well-known horror film, especially thanks to his finger scissors. Once Alberto Olmedo showed his art on Facebook, he has become within one day likely the most famous hairdresser in the world.

Alberto Olmedo stříhá vlasy mečem, ohněm a speciálními prstovými nůžkami. I proto si vysloužil přezdívku Střihoruký Edward.

Alberto Olmedo cuts hair by sword, fire and special finger scissors. Therefore he has got the nickname Edward Scissorhands.

You might think that these hairdressing methods cannot certainly lead to a good haircut and it could be only showing off? Spanish hairstylist Alberto Olmedo is convincing all contrarily and he is claiming that this is the only method that allows you to cut each side of the head completely same. New Edward Scissorhands knows for sure what he’s talking about. He has been practising his bravura technique of cutting hair, including using bizarre finger scissors for haircut, for over ten years.

People come to see the art on his hairdressing performances. And Alberto Olmedo is prepared very well for demanding audience. Before he starts with the very haircuts and hairstyle preparation, he always shows several jugglerish pieces with sabers to sensation-seeking audience. And in order that you start to worry a bit like watching Edward Scissorhands, the Spanish hairstylist promises equally dangerous ways of manicure and pedicure – and even facial and body treatments, on his social networks. What happens exactly, that is still shrouded in mystery, but Alberto Olmedo is going to captivate the world with other scary videos soon.

VIDEO: Edward Scissorhands Alberto Olmedo live!

Edward Scissorhands proper name Alberto Olmedo is pioneer of the new haircut

They say about the haircuts done by fire that this is the best method to prevent the split ends of hair. Quality swords, those used by Japanese samurais, again boasting the sharpest blade in the world. Perhaps, then Alberto Olmeto is neither a clown nor exibicionist and even after the popularity insanely hungry individuals – you might just stare at the man who will bring revolutionary method of haircut and hair care to the hairdressing industry. The question is, would you let Alberto Olmedo do your haircut?

Image sourse and videos: Pinterest, Google – YouTube, Alberto Olmedo