Colour of the year 2016 has increased into two colours of the year 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity. How we are going to wear them? Exclusively here comes  – fashion 2016!

There are two new colours of the Year 2016. The new fashion trends  and  fashion 2016 have to counts with new amazing colours of the Year 2016 – with pinkish Rose Quartz, which flows from sweet pink colour resembling cotton candy to gentle apricot pastel pink mixed with blue colour named  Serenity. And there is not for the first time only one Colour of the year 2016 and even not two separate colours. Company Pantone, the number one in colour industry, chose this colour as union of two blending colours which usually represent female and male essence. After all we buy the baby clothes exactly in these two colours – for boys blue one and for girls pinkish. However, Pantones’designers did not intend to emphasize the gender difference when chose Pantone Color of the Year 2016. Vice versa. The colour union of the Year 2016 – Rose Quartz a Serenity should point out gender equality and supress the difference between men and women. Thus colour or better colours of the Year 2016 are very flexible and variegated, because except the shades of pink and blue, we could see other violet shades which arise from conjuction of those two colours.

Barvy roku 2016 a móda Vionett – kolekce jaro/léto 2016.

Colours of the Year 2016 and Fashion by Vionett – Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.

Barvy roku 2016 a móda Marchesa – kolekce jaro/léto 2016.

Colours of the Year 2016 and Fashion by Marchesa – Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.

Colours of the Year 2016 and Fashion

We’ve already looked at colours of the year 2016 and hairstyles. Now let’s have a look at colour of the year 2016 and fashion. To give some idea of the wide range of colours, shades, but also cuts of the fashion models, I put together a unique gallery of prestigious fashion designers and brands. Apparel and fashion 2016 in colours of 2016 – Rose Quartz a Serenity, is a collection for spring and summer 2016 (S/S), but also from collection Resort 2016 or Pre-fall 2016. Get inspiraton when shopping new pieces for your wardrobe and absolutely don’t forget these amazing colours and their combination. Colours of the year 2016 will entertain you! In the gallery you will find fashion trends 2016 in colours of the year – Rose Quartz a Serenity from Alexander McQueen Brandon Maxwell, Carolina Herrera, Courrèges, Chanel, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Marchesa, Marissa Web, Oscar de la Renta, Paul and Jones, Reem Acra, Roberto Cavalli, Roksanda, Stella McCartney and Vionnet.

Barvy roku 2016 a móda Roberto Cavalli – kolekce jaro/léto 2016.

Colours of the Year 2016 and Fashion by Roberto Cavalli – Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.

GALLERY: Rose Quartz a Serenity – Colors of the year 2016 and Fashion

How to wear colours of the year 2016 Rose Quartz a Serenity

  1. You can wear any from those colours separately – wear full-pink or full-blue outfits. 
  2. You can combine colours of the year 2016 together: colours can be blended on one pieces of apparel, you can mix pink and blue pieces or you can complete clothing in colours of the year with shoes or purse in the other colour than the apparel. 
  3. Don’t forget that Rose Quartz has shades from body-pink over apricot-pink to sweet pinkish resembling cotton candy. But always pastel shade. 
  4. Colours of the year 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity you can combine with other colours – for instance with orange colour as you can see on models in collection by Roksanda.
  5. Don’t forget when mixing pink (or red) colour with blue one you create range of violet shades. And also the violet colour belongs to fashion 2016.
  6. Bet on mutual blending of the pastel pink and blue colour. Pink-blue or bluish-pink transition on fabric wil be hit of the year! 

Images source: fashion collections of the designers and companies, repro