Blond hair

Are you blond or do you just want to be blond and are you looking for suitable blond hair for yourself? Look at an inspirative gallery with blond hairstyles.

Colour of your hair depends! Blondies can have the same hairstyles as brunettes, although blond colour is what makes blond hair specific and that is how can blond hairstyles shine in different appearances even more than darker hair. Blondies often look better in different cuts, different styling and highliting. Festive hairstyles for blond hair or ball hairstyles for blond hair are specific as well. Lets have a look at big photogallery for blond hair. We have chosen blond hairstyles for different occasions – casual and festive, for different lenghts and for different styling types. If you are blond, let yourself inspire. If you are not, let yourself attract to yor life change.


Blond hair – choose your blond hairstyles correctly!

  1. Are you actually type for blond hair? It doesn’t matter if you are a natural blondie, decoloured or if you are only considering it. Do you actually think that blond hair might suit you? Analyze your type. Stylists and colourists can help you. Not on everybody looks blond good! And trust me, you can live even without angel light hair.
  2. Don’t forget that choosing of your hairstyle begins with choosing a blond colour. Because as you know, there are differencies between blond shades. Many shades beginig with ice or platin blond ends in shades very similar to light brunette. And then there are speciallities as strawberry blond or different fashionable highlights. All of this you have to consider before deciding other points of view of you hairstyle.
  3. You can choose from many different lenghts of blond hair. If you are not a natural blondie, don’t forget, that maintaining your colour will be very difficult with long hair and will not be healthy for your long hair.
  4. Blond hair with highlights of different colours are extremely fashionable. Pink is the top hit. You should try if it suits you! But visit an experienced colourist though.
  5. Always entrust decolouring to experts. You don’t want to loose your beautiful blond hair just because you didn’t do very well with decolouring by yourself.
  6. Don’t forget to use special hair cosmetics for blond hair. Many trademarks focus on this and it is the best your hair need.
  7. Blond hair aren’t just colour or haircut. Your hair have to be healthy. High-quality regeneration is very important and you should you special regeneration cosmetics for blond hair, for decoloured hair or for dyed hair. 
  8. Shine is another demension that can add your hair beauty. You can reach it with high-quality hair dyes, special treatments, hair cosmetics and styling.
  9. Be careful with your hair growing if you have chosen different shade of blond hair than you have.
  10. Blond hair are gorgeous and if you are lucky to be a natural blondie, pay tribute to that with your playfulness. Different buns and plaits with hair complements can create endless amount of varied hairstyles with your hair. Have fun with your blond hair!


Source of images: hairstyles of world-known hairdressers and companies