The ball season means to start thinking about formal hairstyle. Look at the big gallery of ball hairstyles. News are updated continually!
The ball season means to start thinking about formal hairstyle. Look at the big gallery of ball hairstyles. News are updated continually!

Ball hairstyles

The ball season means to start thinking about formal hairstyle. Look at the big gallery of ball hairstyles. News are updated continually!

Everyone need a ball hairstyle once in a while. However ball hairstyles have their own specifics, so even though you can find separately allocated formal hairstyles in our Gallery of hairstyles, ball hairstyles got their own separate gallery. Why? The answer is simple! Ball hairstyle is more opulent than party hairstyles or theatre hairstyle. It is often as complicated as wedding hairstyle. Ball hairstyles deserve your attention. Make appointment with your hairdresser in advance or if you want to prepare it on your own, try it before the event also in combination with your  evening robe, which you are going to wear. Our gallery of ball hairstyles and our advices under it will help you with choosing the right ball hairstyle for this ball season.

PHOTOGALLERY: Ball hairstyles


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Ball hairstyles – what to keep in mind when choosing a ball hairstyle

  1. Ball hairstyles are more festive and more opulent than usual formal hairstyles for parties or theater. It does not mean that the only solution is unfashionably looking princess hairstyles.
  2. Ball hairstyle needs a good comb, its color is equally important but overall styling or used hair accessories are as well.
  3. It is best to entrust the hands of a quality hairdresser in making ball hairstyle. Be careful if you do not have any experience with him. Look for references or meet him in advance and consult with him your wishes about your hairstyle. There is nothing worse than a last-minute hairstyle which will not make you feel good.
  4. Wheter your festive ball hairstyle will be made by hairdresser or by yourself, do not forget it needs to hold well. Či už vám slavnostní účes na ples učeše kadeřník, nebo se do něj pustíte sama, nezapomeňte, že musí především dobře držet. Your hairstyle will be stressed during dances and broken bun is not anything pleasant on the dance floor.
  5. If you have short hair or you want to have loose hair at your ball, you can add the festive character to your hair with color (for example with washable one), hair gloss, special styling, shiny metallic glitters or with suitable ball hair accessories. It can be also jewelry, which you clip to your hair. Short and medium length hair can be modify  as long hair with a help of various extensions – clip-in hair, buns, plaits and ponytails.
  6. Remember that perfect hairstyle have to look good from every angle and this is true for ball hairstyles as well.
  7. Ball hairstyles often inveigle for historic style and vintage hairstyles. Avoid it. Even the opulent ballroom hairstyle can be modern. I  honosný plesový účes může být moderní. And that’s why you should get advice from a good hairdresser or stylist.
  8. Where to look for the best ball hairstyles?  We introduced several dozens of ball hairstyles for every length of hair in our photo gallery of ball hairstyles. You can find appropriate hairstyle in our other galleries of hairstyles: for example in avant-garde hairstyles, formal hairstyles, hairstyles with plaits or in up-do hairstyles.
  9. Ball hairstyles must perfectly match to evening dress and with choosen fashionable accesories – mainly with purse, shoes and jewelry for ball. Hairstyle has to match with style and color.
  10. Do not forget to perpetuate your successful ball hairstyle by taking a photo. Maybe you can take a selfie before you leave your house and upload it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. But well done ball hairstyle is worth taking a higher quality photo, which can be better than your camera on your phone.

Source of pics: hairstyles of world-known hairdressers and companies