Check out the 50 spring and summer hairstyles for men who know that the only hairdresses makes the best haircut. Big photogallery with new men’s hairstyles!

Here comes the next inspiromat for men’s hairstyles 2016. What did the prestigious world-famous hairdressers prepare for us, men, for season spring and summer 2016? Have you had a chance to look at 100 men’s hairstyles and haircuts for spring and summer 2016 which are not directly from actual hairdressers’ collections nevertheless these are real outcomes how hairdressers apply the new men’s fashion trends for real clients. This time I have picked men’s hairstyles 2016 from hairdressers’ collections – both pure men’s and mixed and I chose 50 spring and summer men’s haircuts from hairstyles collection S/S 2016 (i.e. spring/summer 2016). You must compare them. While the previous men’s hairstyles series was about undercut hairstyles and you like them all mainly the shaved figures, this time the haircuts are more based on styling than the cut itself.

Inspirujte se: 50 účesů pro muže z kadeřnických kolekcí pro jaro a léto 2016.

Let be inspired: 50 men’s hairstyles from haidressers collections for spring and summer 2016.

GALLERY: 50 spring and summer men’s hairstyles 2016

50 spring and summer hairstyles for men – hairdressers tips for spring and summer 2016

Men’s hairstyle without a good styling? It’s impossible! Don’t forget ask your hairdresser or barber what does he recommend you for your haircut or hairstyling. And boldly ask how is possible to change your haircut with help of styling from the daily ordinary men’s hairstyle to special hairstyle for bash or even to prestigious “black tie” event. Be recommended for trendy wet hairstyle cosmetics or get tips how to do your hairstyles extraordinary for instance with nonpermanet dye with help of colouring chalks for hair.

Pánské účesy z kolekcí Westrow a Gandini oživuje mokrý styling a nepermanentní akcenty.

Men’s hairstyles from collections by Westrow and Gandini revive the wet styling and nonpermanent accents.

Your beard hair let design in hairdresser salon or barber shop together. Unless you plan a smooth shaving and you’re going to have a full-beard as part of you image, go to your hairdresser with a bit longer “material” to give the hairdresser space for creating. Hairstyles with beards are in so spoil yourself with it as well.

Účesy pro muže z kolekcí Raffel a Paul Gehring. Tentokrát jako kombinace s vousy.

Men’s hairstyles from collections by Raffel and Paul Gehring. This time as combination with beards.

Men’s haircuts with shaven parts or so called undercuts ask for more frequent visit in barber shop or hairdresser salon. Unless you have enough time, ask for men’s hairstyle, which you could maintain by yourself for example with partial shaving.

Pánské střihy z kolekcí Raffel a Corcorz s módní kombinací vyholených partií a délek.

Men’s hairstyles from collections by Raffel and Corcorz with trendy combinations shaven parts and lenghts.

The volume of the hairstyle or a dye are not “female thing”. 50 spring and summer hairstyles for men spring/summer 2016 present a few ideas who to become a natty dresser with great hair volume and even colour. It doesn’t need to be a multicoloured nor unnatural dyes. But get a summer highlighted hairstyles, it helps your image. So don’t be afraid to make it. Of course pay attention that the summer highlight or dye can grow out naturally and you don’t need to deal with significant grow-out hair after two or three week as women usually do. And what is trendy this year? Grey colour for your hair.

Barva na vlasy pro muže podle Toni&Guy a Paul Gehring.

Dye for men by Toni&Guy and Paul Gehring.

Image source: men’s hairstyles by hairdressers and companies