What with long hair, when it comes to spring and summer? Come and be inspired: here are 50 hairstyles for long hair from top hairdressing collections for this season.

Gorgeous long hair could be a bit of a nuisance in the summer, but more then can stand out so perfectly together with spring dresses and other exposed outfits. We will enjoy the beach waves at the beach, we try something a little more in rock style when going to bash, when going to work we expose the neck with a summer bun. Although some long hair ladies despair and occasionally are sighing after the change, those are just long hair, which allows us to do a magic with haircut the most. Just do not be afraid to do an experiment. Now we’re not going to look at how hair can be clipped on or off or tangled up. We look rather at what kind of cut and colour get long hair in current hairdressing collections done by prestigious hairdressers. Look at the 50 hairstyles for long hair for spring and summer 2016.

50 tipů na dlouhé jarní a letní účesy 2016. Podívejte se, jak se ke střihu a barvě dlouhých vlasů postavili prestižní světoví kadeřníci a salony.

50 tips for spring and summer long hairstyles 2016. Check out how prestigious world-class hairdressers and salons combine the haircuts and colours.

GALLERY: 50 hairstyles for long hair – Spring/Summer 2016

50 hairstyles for long hair – Best tips for long hair and hairstyles for spring and summer 2016

A good haircut for long hair can curl naturally certain type of hair. Hair then look like they were dancing for an unforgettable summer party. Remember that the hair pops out a little due to waves, so you can have your hair a bit longer in a minute. But this cut long hair has its wonderful airiness and is very easy to maintain.

Dlouhé účesy pro jaro a léto 2016 jako sestříhané dlouhé vlasy s přirozeným vlněním. (Účesy jsou z kolekcí Michel Dervyn.)

Long hairstyles for spring and summer 2016 are cut like long hair with natural waves. (Hairstyles from collection by Michel Dervyn.)

I’ve analysed the fringe in regards of all hair lengths. And I have come back to it again. Now when shorten the fringe within the long hair it is the fastest intervention which the hairstyle changes completely, but at the same time you do not take the charm from your long hair. And if does it suits you? You can make sure when putting the fringe up as a fake, it’s pretty easy.

Dlouhé účesy ofinou pro jaro a léto 2016. (Účesy jsou z kolekcí Robin James a Equippe Vittorio.)

Long hairstyles with fringe for spring and summer 2016. (Hairstyles are from collection by Robin James and Equippe Vittorio.)

Highlights in brown hair revives brunet boring hairstyles. You can bet on trendy bronde, ombre, flamboyage or balayage highlighting, and also on colourful highlights in brown hair. Be enough when you don’t have too dark hair or when you lighten it by one or two tones.

Melíry v hnědých vlasech pro jaro a léto 2016 – barevné i tón v tónu. (Účesy jsou z kolekcí Hair Colour Clinic a Supercuts.)

Highlights in brown hair for spring and summer 2016 – colourful and also tone in tone. (Hairstyles are from collections Hair Colour Clinic a Supercuts.)

Bet on glamour waves. What are they? Frizzy no frills small but magnificent giant smooth waves. They suit either blond or brown hair. The most beautiful is without highlights, and in natural shades. If someone can say “This hair is beautiful” so it is right this one.

Glamour vlny v účesech pro jaro a léto 2016. (Účesy jsou z kolekcí Lanza a Regis.)

Glamour waves in hairstyles for spring and summer 2016. (Hairstyles are from collections Lanza a Regis.)

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