100 men’s hairstyles – no haircuts from hairdressers’ competitions this time but true reality! Here are the men’s haircuts from over ther world for spring and summer 2016!

With the hot days it is scissors, shaver and short haircut turn. Especially for us men it is without no hesitations. And what kind of haircut you should get this season? Check out 100 men’s hairstyles, but this time there are no examples of creativity of hairdressers, who are trying to sell their creativity in various hairdressing competitions, but the reality of how it goes with us, men, in hairdressing salons. Not yet in ours, Czech, but maybe soon … That’s why I put together this overseas inspiration for men’s haircuts and hairstyles and men’s hairstyles spring/summer 2016. But it won’t be so easy for you as could be. Why?

Pánské účesy tak, jak vypadají reálně poté, co vylezeme z kadeřnictví.

Men’s hairstyles in style how they look after leaving the hairdresser’s salon.

Just have a look at the men’s haircuts and you realize quickly what’s going on. You will likely need to visit your barber or hairdresser more often than you do normally. They must be maintained quite frequently in order to keep its shape. Especially various shaved shapes, but also extra-shaven or under-shaven parts of men’s hairstyle require more frequent maintenance than a typical men’s short haircut, where you hardly recognize grow-offs. But do not despair. Find a men’s hairdressing salon with complete care and when you leave a few more bucks there than usually, you treat yourself with care at least, even with a head massage. Let me tell you, it’s worth it.

GALLERY: 100 men’s hairstyles for spring and summer 2016

Men’s hairstyles trends for spring and summer 2016

  1. You don’t absolutely make a mess with a short men’s haircut with cool fullbeard this spring and summer  even though you’ll be hot unwanted.  
  2. Rotate the lenghts – from extra under-shaven parts to distinctive longer parts.
  3. Shade – you let follow various hair lenghts to each other thus you create the shades effect.
  4. Sharp changeover is great – strairs in men’s hairstyles for spring and summer 2016 are wanted.
  5. Get shaven shapes – stripes and patterns shaven to skin look great. Only need an often maintenance. 
  6. Sideburns no, but nice chanceover to fullbeard yes. And feel free to try an interesting effects. 
  7. Revealed tatoo on neck or even on your face is super!
  8. Be bare partly it is no problém. Vice versa it is in.
  9. Reveal forehead with a spruce updo. It will suit you.
  10. Just as smart men’s fringe on side.

Image source: Hairstyles of hairdressers and companiens – Instagram